Forever changed my life – by Keli kandali Dasi and family ( Australia )

If I may speak for many thousands of iskcon children when I say indradyumna swami saved my life.


And yes I was one of those kids, that indradyumna swami invited for prasadam, brought to Poland and let watch his puja, he is the one taught me to chant and told me whenever I was afraid to always take shelter of lord Narasimha deva and the holy name.

When I was younger every few months indradyumna swami would call to check how my rounds were going and share his some of his inspiring preaching experiences.He took the time to encourage me to be a devotee and to share Krsna with others.

I think sometimes we forget that although sanyasi’s are of the highest order they are still people, each with their own individual natures that they engage in Krsna consciousness. As is the ultimate goal of life.

If you have ever been to a few of Indradyumna swami’s lectures you maybe familiar with the story he often tells about when he was around 9 years old and his father took him to a big football game. One of the famous players saw how excited he was and called him down onto the field, in front of the entire stadium. Right before the game he gave him a lesson on football and at the end the famous man told indradyumna swami, only a boy at the time, never to smoke. This small interaction made such an impression on him as a child that he never took to smoking.
This goes to show that one even small act of kindness to a child can change the course of their whole life. Whatever happens to you in childhood wether good or bad we carry with us for the rest of our lives and it moulds us into the the people we become.
I feel that indradyumna swami recognises this and makes an effort to leave iskcons children with good childhood impressions which may very well be the thing that keeps them in the movement. I can definitely say that was the case for me.

I have been through more than I would wish on any child and over the years the only real good that helped me get through, was from indradyumna swami. He is 100% the one and only reason I am still trying to practice devotional life, otherwise I would have blooped a long time ago.


I am only one small example out of so so many but I can give another example. My husband has struggled his whole life with addiction and even after his initiation it wasn’t easy for him. Most people gossiped and judged from a far, no one would come near. Indradyumna swami being his spiritual master could have disowned him too but he didn’t he showered him with mercy and encouraged him never to give up. It is not like he was better over night either it took years and indradyumna swami never gave up he even personally arranged for my husband’s rehab when we couldn’t afford it. Now the reason I am sharing this story is to show that indradyumna swami goes above and beyond to give Krsna consciousness to everyone he meets whether it be the leaders of society, a child or someone who has been rejected by society. He gives 110% into helping them connect with Krsna and let’s not forget the devotees.

Indradyumna swami is always seeking out the association of his god brothers and sisters, he thrives in their association and in doing so he teaches all of us by example how important it is not only to give association but also to seek out the association of advanced devotees because at the end of the day that is what will keep us safe.

Me and my family will always be grateful for the time and energy that indradyumna swami has given us as he is the reason we are able to continue in Krsna consciousness, we may not be the best devotees but because of indradyumna swami we will never give up.