“We are all God’s children” – Anecdote by Indradyumna Swami


“We are all God’s children” – Anecdote by Indradyumna Swami

“Yesterday we participated in ‘Color Splash’ a multi-cultural festival in Durban, South Africa. Various ethnic groups showed off the best of their music, dance and theater. It began with a parade along the beachfront with Zulu warriors, Scottish bagpipes, boy scouts, a marching band and of course our blissful harinama. At the festival site we were prominent with kirtan, prasadam distribution and a Holi festival; throwing colored dyes to the accompaniment of a blissful kirtan. My address on social cohesion – a hot issue in South Africa – was well received. I stressed that social harmony will only come to the people’s of South Africa when everyone realizes what they have in common. That essential truth is that we are all God’s children – brothers and sisters in the real sense.”

Written by Indradyumna Swami in a facebook post from December 4, 2017. To see the original post, please click here.

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