The Inspiring Devotees of Barnaul, Russia – Indradyumna Swami Nectar

The Inspiring Devotees of Barnaul, Russia – Indradyumna Swami Nectar

In a video describing Indradyumna Swami’s travels to Novosibirsk and Barnaul, Caturatma das described the enthusiasm of the devotees in Barnaul in Siberia, Russia.

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He describes that Barnaul, Siberia is the capital of the Altai mountain region in Siberia. The city itself is over 300 years old, and as you enter the city, one of the oldest cathedrals is perched high on the hill overlooking the city below with a beautiful view of the surrounding plains. In the city is also one of the largest convents to be found in this part of Russia. Situated between two rivers and not far from the mountains, Barnaul became a great port of industry. Most of the culture in the city is connected to the church and the religious institutions found here. However, two of the universities rank among the top hundred in the entire country of Russia. The winters there? They are very cold! Indradyumna Swami, Caturatma das, and Badahari das can be seen all bundled up below:


Caturatma das mentions that there are 200 devotees in the ISKCON center in Barnaul. They are working very diligently. There are 7-8 brahmacaris that live in the center and carry out the daily devotional seva to try to prepare it for being a full residential facility for ISKCON. Daily, he mentioned, the devotees go out on preaching activities. They have a traveling sankirtan party that visits all the villages in the Altai mountain region. They also maintain a thriving local restaurant and teaching out to the interfaith group there through yoga and astrology activities. In this way, they bring a wide variety of people to Krishna Consciousness. Caturatma das mentions that the devotees chant and dance with such fervor, such devotion. He said:

It gives real proof to the fact that Srila Prabhupada built a house that the entire world could live in, even here in Siberia. We feel very honored to be among these devotees and simply hope this is the first of many visits. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

In a facebook post describing the visit to these two cities, Indradyumna Swami wrote:

Memories of the blissful kirtans we had with these Vaisnavas shall remain forever within our hearts.

Last week, Indradyumna Swami said in a video that Srila Prabhupada really set the standard in this regard. Prabhupada visited Moscow in the early 1970’s and that seed has just gone on to grow into a beautiful tree producing so many fruits and flowers of beautiful Devotees.

In several Facebook posts, Indradyumna Swami recounts the sweetness and inpiring nature of his ongoing Russian tour.

The excerpt above came from a video on Indradyumna Swami’s facebook page. On Indradyumna Swami’s official Youtube Channel, you can find a lecture Indradyumna Swami delivered in Barnaul. One of the kirtans Indradyumna Swami led in Barnaul is available also.

For more on Indradyumna Swami’s transcendental travels and lectures, please visit Indradyumna Swami’s facebook and his lecture site at Narottam.

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