“You are just like the moonlight” – Nectar of Devotion quoted by Indradyumna Swami

“You are just like the moonlight” – Nectar of Devotion quoted by Indradyumna Swami

“One aged devotee of Krsna addressed Him in this way: ‘My dear Krsna, O killer of the demon Agha, my body is now invalid due to old age. I cannot speak very fluently, my voice is faltering, my mind is not strong, and I am often attacked by forgetfulness. But, my dear Lord, You are just like the moonlight, and my only real regret is that for want of any taste for Your pleasant shining I did not advance myself in Krsna consciousness.’ This statement is an instance of lamentation due to one’s being unable to achieve his desired goal.”

[ Nectar Of Devotion, Chapter 29 ]

Posted by Indradyumna Swami on his facebook page on May 20, 2017. To see the original post, please click here.

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  1. Sandeep
    Sandeep says:

    Jaya, Nice Realizations by HH Srila Indradyumna Swami. Let’s keep the desired goal of achieving the moonlight mercy of Lord Krishna active on our heart by humbly serving his beloved devotees. Hare Krishna!

  2. HaridasVarya Das
    HaridasVarya Das says:

    Thank you, Srila Gurudeva – HH Indradyumna Swami Maharaja for constantly emphasizing the importance of remembering the lord and his devotees. This constantly enables us to be in check and perform devotional service. I am eternally grateful for this instruction.

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